What I am missing

…is a @yaustar / Steven appreciation thread :slight_smile:

Your help and support is patient, fast, motivated and precise. Thanks again. My life as a nerd would be much better if other projects had someone like you.

@Playcanvas @will @Dava you should be very happy to have him.

@eproasim Thank you as well for being soo helpful in a moment of panic!

I will recommend playcanvas also because of the good support.


PS.: sorry for click bait topic :wink:

PPS.: Result


Many thanks!

As we are giving shout outs: @Leonidas as always, @Albertos for their eternal patience for new comers, @LeXXik for specialised knowledge and also the rest of the PlayCanvas team (@mvaligursky especially for all the graphics specialised knowledge)


You are right!
I was Unity3D dev for many years, and they helped me with the transition. I know I am the most annoying user on the forum :sweat_smile:.
@yaustar & @Leonidas thank you for your help, I really do appreciate

Once I saw how great the PlayCanvas community is, I decided to make space for PlayCanvas in my next project, which is Academy for IT
In a few months I am going to make series of tutorials about PlayCanvas, but more about that in the upcoming weeks