What have you been working on?

Here, you can say anything about a game you’re working on! How cool is that? :smiley:


I’m working on a game. I like to think of it as an “indie e-sports” game…

There isn’t much there yet. So far I’ve got my hex map generator:

Looks cool! :smiley: Keep working on that, I hope it’ll come out good.

are you still working on this

I am working with some students on a minimalistic and constructivistic approach to developing a game. We started with the tank game starter from the November game challenge and have added one basic feature or game element at a time after some contemplation and discussion. So far we have this which is still very far from a complete game. Eventually we intend to substitute our own 3d model and textures.

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I haven’t made much more progress. I decided to work on something a little simpler first. So I’m making a simple mobile game I should be able to release in a few weeks.