Weird Template "Inheritance"

Hi PlayCanvas People,

I’ve encountered a strange behaviour of the template system:

Bug(?) 1: If you create a new template (as a copy of another template), the changes of its material also get applied to the “base” where you have created a copy from. (at 0:22 seconds)

Bug(?) 2: At 0:26 you can see that I now have 2 blue templates, without any changes/overrides to apply. But if I delete them and drag them back in, I have 1 red and 1 blue template.

Do I miss anything here?


Calling @yaustar in case this is an editor/engine bug.

Doesn’t look like a bug. When the new template asset is created at -0:48, that Entity that it is created from is now linked to the new Template instance which is as designed.

Both template_cube_red and template_cube_blue Entities are referencing template_cube_blue asset.

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