Weird shadow situation

Why light passes through objects?
Somehow, the light passes but also darkens the area but doesn’t create shadow, like what?

the shadows are far from anything normal, in unity at least the shadows are created in respect to the light source of any kind, so what settings am I messing up here?

lighting, shadows not working, no shadow, ambient occlusion, cast shadow

would you have any repro you could share with us?

this is the project

did you get the project?

so what’s the actual issue> Is it that the spot light does not cast shadow from the cube? if so, maybe enable ‘cast shadows’ on the light?

or is it that the range of the light is too short and so the room is not lit all the way?

okay, so casting shadowing was the issue, I didn’t notice the “cast shadow” tickbox on the light, adding that, now creates shadow perfectly, I have one more question, do you know how to make the corners dark?

the way this game has, every corner regardless of the shadowing condition has this darkness to hide the obvious intersection of models, I have played this game myself and saw the effect myself, I think its ambient occlusion but do you think there is more to it?

Yes, this will be ambient occlusion … likely with two elements:

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SSAO directly into playcanvas will be game changing

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