Weird Eyebrows when Project downloaded and published on server


So I’ve got this project that behaves weirdly when downloaded and published on a webserver.

Here’s a comparison

On the left is the character when launched on PlayCanvas or Published to PlayCanvas. On the right is the character when downloaded as a .ZIP and then published on a webserver.

I’ve enabled all possible MIME-Types. All files are submitted correctly.

I’ve tried changing some properties of the materials, changed the Blend Types, Alpha Tests and Alpha to Coverage properties, all with no success. The hair works fine I don’t know why the eyebrows cause this issue.

I also tried using different Engine Versions when exporting, all with no success…

What could be the problem here?

Hey @Bfischlin, sorry you’re getting this issue. Is this something thats just started happening recently? Do you have an exported project you can share?

Hi! Yes this has just started recently. I’ve published a version around 2 weeks ago which had no issues. That’s why I tried publishing it with different engine Versions aswell, in order to check if the problem still persists (which it unfortunately does).

Can I send it to you via DM`?

I suspect it gets rendered correctly, but as the eyebrows are transparent, the rendered canvas has transparency on that location. And your layer under the canvas is white - and this is the result of blending with it.

Option to try would be to turn off transparent canvas in rendering settings, or changing style of blending of the canvas (sorry not an expert here, not sure how to do this bit)

Hmm okay. I never had the “Transparent Canvas” setting enabled, so that cannot be it.

I stumbled upon this in my last project.
Just change “Alpha” to “Premultiplied Alpha” in those materials and try it again.

I think this is a bug.Because in my previous projects “alpha” channel worked correctly.

Actually in editor alpha works but when i build the project alpha dont work as expected.


Thank you that worked!