Weird bouncing on mesh collider

Hi fellow devs!

I’m making an arcade racing game and I’m really struggling trying to have an smooth movement on my vehicle.

My vehicle is just an sphere collider/rigid body to which I apply a force to move it. It runs smoothly over a box collider but the problem comes when the ball runs over a mesh collider. In that case, even when its just a plane mesh, the ball bounces as if the terrain was irregular.

Here is a demo project where you can compare the movement over my mesh collider (track) and over a box collider (white plane): Motorbike Arcade.

I’ve spent lots of hours unsuccessfully trying to solve or mitigate the issue, so any help will be deeply sppreaciated.


Hi @SirForteske,

The project linked is private. Would you mind making it public so others can investigate the issue?

Oops, sorry, it’s now public. Thanks!

Here you can see the problem on a mesh that represents a curve:

I think it has to do with the mesh triangles. Each time the collider passes from a triangle to the next one it bounces. All these triangles should have the same normal, so I’m quite lost on how to address this. This is what the mesh geometry looks like:

If I run the motorbike over this other mesh, it only bounces on the marked spot.


Try adjust a contact processing threshold on the ball’s rigidbody. You can find an example here:

Thanks a lot @LeXXik ! I will be deeply testing it, but it seems to work!