Weekly Update 20/6

This weeks update is now up on the blog: http://blog.playcanvas.com/playcanvas-update-200614/

Lots of exciting new features!

Would love to play with the OculusCamara script.

I tried implementing myself and seemed to get the camera’s working properly, but now for some reason my camera gets flipped when I switch into it rendering with the oculus.


TestMaze is the project that I am testing with

The TestMaze environment is looking nice, @gooswa - great textures! @dave created a little demo project based on the initial Oculus integration. You can find it here:


The interesting scripts are ‘posteffect_oculus.js’, ‘input_hmd.js’ and ‘oculus_camera.js’. It uses vr.js.

Awesome! Thanks so much @will !

I finally got things going this morning, I guess I forgot to mention that for some reason my rigid body for my first person view was acting up on the oculus cameras, but I am going to take a look at this script on the halloween vr and try to integrate from that.

And the textures will get better, want to at least adjust them so they tiling looks good from any angle/box.

Is there anyway to adjust UV coordinates on a box component?

You can’t adjust the UVs themselves but you can adjust the tiling and scaling of the maps on the box’s material. Double click on the box in the 3D view (or select the material in the Asset panel at the bottom of the Designer window). This will activate the material editor. Then you can select the relevant map(s) and edit the tiling and scaling properties. There’s some docs on the material editor here:


Hey @gooswa, like Will said you can see my version of the Oculus Support. You should just be able to drop posteffect_oculus and oculus_camera on a Camera object. And include input_hmd and vr.js in the project somewhere.

Feel free to use this in your projects, I’ll put this stuff up on Github ASAP.

Here is what I ended up doing:


Thanks again! Worked great.

Oh forgot a few extra things, “F” goes fullscreen, and “N” starts the game/elevator.

Also borrowed your breathing audio to test out audio on my own.

Nice, I’ll give that a try as soon as I get the Oculus set up again.

Looks like it’ll be really hard to find your way! Maybe you should be able to drop little colored breadcrumbs? :smile: