WebXR api emulator no longer working with newly created WebXR projects


I am trying to apply the WebXR codes from the WebXR Hello world tutorial, when i noticed its acting weird after launching it, instead of the normal VR view that will split the screen into two, it distorted the camera view somehow.

At first I thought it simply conflicts with something in my file so I did test it on other file, but it did the same.

I suspected that this might be due to recent update but can’t figure out which one so I checked the forum and was able to read something a bit related. Just that in my case it’s not black screen. I then forked the WebXR Hello World tutorial, to make it a new file and test (did not modify it), that’s when I confirmed that the problem exist only to the newly created WebXR files. Same happened, is simply distorts the view instead of splitting it into two.

I and my colleague tried to test the same files on our respective mobile phones and it works, that’s when we figured out that it’s not the code or the file that is has the problem but it seems that the WebXR api is the one not working. I tested it both with Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both have the same distorted effect.

Here is the screenshot on mobile phone test for my project

Here is the screenshot of distorted test on Chrome and Mozilla for the WebXR Hello World forked tutorial (on initial click, minor distortion only but still no splitting of scree into two, when you ESC and press the VR button again it will distort the scene further)

For the meantime I am using mobile device to test, hoping that we can have a fix on this soon so we can test it again easier on an emulator.


Could you please try some of these examples to see if the problem happens with them as well.