WebVR Origin Trial Token ended, what now?

It seems that the origin trial has now ended for WebVR and now reverts back to Polyfill. The new token for Chrome (M59+) I’m guessing is Chrome Canary? I tried the latest Chrome Canary on Android and no WebVR content seems to even load even after I’ve enabled the flags. So… what happens next? Is there a way I can somehow use the previous experimental trial? I’m guessing no, but if anyone knows anything It would help a lot, thanks. The Polyfill is just terrible…

UPDATE: I’ve tried Chrome Canary, Chrome Beta and Chrome Dev. The new token seems to only work on Chrome Beta.

What version of Chrome are you using? M59 is Chrome 59 which is the current version.

Chrome beta I think is m60 and it works. Chrome dev does not work which is on 61. Canary I tried again and got it work which is a newer 61. I’m having some trouble getting it work correctly on the normal Chrome m58 though.