WebVR not loading JSON from a remote server

hi community,

I have this project based in VR, where there is a JSON file being read from a remote server. It works propperly on the desktop and mobile but not in VR. Why is that happening? Why the JSON from a remote server cannot be read in VR?

thanks in advance!

Should work in VR too. I can’t think of anything that the VR camera would do that would affect JSON loading.

What errors are you getting in the console if any?

Is the JSON data being display in an PlayCanvas UI or HTML element?

I keep getting “Error loading scripts” in the console.
The JSON data is being displayed in a 3D Object.

I tested loading a JSON from an asset and it worked in all devices. but what I really need is that JSON from a remote server to work in VR as well

That’s really odd. It be worth connecting a debugger and checking the callstack to see where the error originates from.

Just to check, is the PlayCanvas and the server that the JSON is on both HTTPS?

Just a thought, but wasn’t WebVR support removed recently from PlayCanvas? The errors with your project not not finding the expected “old” WebVR might have a knock on effect with other code, including the loading.