WebVR, Chromium and Disconnects / Crashes

Hi there,

I’m able to work on WebVR with the nightly build of FireFox, but I wanted to test the 90fps feature with Chromium ( Version 56.0.2902.0 (64-bit) )

When I log on to the editor with Chromium, I keep getting a Disconnect, Reconnecting in… message which never ends ( today, and weeks ago, before I just downloaded and used FireFox nightly ).

When I publish a VR project ( using a different browser ), eg the default WebVR Vive orange room demo, and press Play on chromium ( rather than Editor, which times out - see above ), then it crashes after a few seconds.

This might be a known issue, and will hopefully get resolved soon. Note that other non-PlayCanvas WebVR content works with Chromium and the Vive.

Related to this ( have just narrowed down the steps to do this ).

  • select a WebVR project on playcanvas.com within Firefox Nightly
  • open the editor
  • run the scene ( don’t even have to select the icon to change into WebVR mode )
  • close the running scene tab

Issue 1:

  • select an entity ( should update info in Inspector panel )
  • select a second entity ( shouldn’t update in Inspector panel )

Issue 2:

  • close editor
  • open editor again ( 3D view should appear as very small )

Workaround is to currently close and restart Firefox Nightly.

There’s an SSL issue on that particular build of Chromium. The latest from webvr.info (version 56.0.2910.0) does not have this problem.

I’m currently having trouble with Chromium displaying any WebVR content to the Rift which I’m looking into.

The latest version of FF Nightly (54.0a1 (2017-02-07) (64-bit)) is working fine for me on the Rift (barring the lack of gamepad support for the Touch controllers)

Are you using the Vive or the Rift?

I’ve tried repro’ing these issues but haven’t managed to replicate. Can you sure some information about your setup please? Windows version, version of Rift/Vive, etc.

Decided to double check over my chrome://flags to ensure that enable-webvr was turned on and for whatever reason, it was off. Not sure how it got disabled but may be worth double checking?