WebVR - Blank screen when a tap for VR

I’m trying to run some WebVR examples on my Android phone (Android 6.0.1, Chrome version 54.0.2840.68), I’m using some cheap cardboard based glasses.

the examples based on the old VR (three boxes and monkeys) works fine and go to VR without any problem.

this other example: Blasteroids - PLAYCANVAS also work very well

But if I create a fresh example from the VR template when I tap to enter VR I get a blank screen and nothing happens.


I’m started a project forking the VR demo, but is made using the old fashion script and I will prefer start something using the new script structure.

PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine it’s working, but will be better using the new platform.

There are some parameter that I could adjust to have this new example working?

Can you share the project overview page of the one that isn’t working when you tap for VR please?


If I install a experimental build of Chromium and change a flag chrome://flags/#enable-webvr it works… but it is not the best solution.

Chromium: https://webvr.info/get-chrome/

So we have noticed that the starter kit itself is non-working :frowning: We are looking into the issue to find the cause.

@rbulha We have just released our improvements for WebVR in PlayCanvas https://blog.playcanvas.com/webvr-support-in-playcanvas/

This includes a new starter kit when you create a new project. Can you give that a try and let us know how you get on please? :slight_smile:

That’s good! I’ll give a try!

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