Webp Textures don't overwrite

webp Textures don’t overwrite at reimport (like png or jpg). Overwrite Textures is activated in the import settings.

calling @Mark_Lundin

Hey @FMad, thanks for raising this. Are you trying to import a glb or fbx here? Do you have a sample project or asset we could test out. WebP textures shouldn’t inherently behave differently to pngs/jpegs, so if this is the case, it’s a bug and we’ll look into it.

Thanks for the fast reply. I just import the texture.
I’ve just made a test project to showcase:


Thanks for this @FMad. So importing a new texture won’t overwrite an existing one even if it has the same name. Could you maybe give a bit more detail on what steps you’re taking, and what your expecting to happen?

@Mark_Lundin Yes, that’s correct. Usually I just reimport the texture (same name and format) from my local drive into the same folder in the PlayCanvas Editor as the existing one and it’ll overwrite the old one. So the ID stays the same and the texture is still applied to the material. However, if I reimport a Webp texture from my local drive into the same folder in the PlayCanvas Editor it will create a new texture asset with another ID. But it should just overwrite the existing one.

Ahh gotya :+1: So when you upload a new texture it’ll override an existing one only if file name and the suffix is the same. Much the same as the file system on your computer, two files can share the same name if they’re different file types, but when you copy over a file of the same type and the same name, it might overwrite the existing one. Hope that makes sense :smiley:

Yes, exactly

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This is a bug, I can reproduce it, and we’ll fix it, thanks for the report.

Hey @FMad, just to let you know we have a patch for this, which should be available in the next editor release. Thanks for flagging this one :pray:

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