WebGL1 Blurry Text Elements

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Some time ago we noticed that our text elements startet to be blurry. We found out that this issue was introduced when the engine was updated from version 1.53.4 to 1.54.0. Before 1.54.0 it looked like the image on the left, now it looks like the image on the right.

The important setting seems to the be render setting “Prefer WebGL 2.0”. When I set it to true, I’m getting crisp texts when using the latest engine release and it looks the same as it did before 1.54.0. We had it set to false since we needed to develop our app for older devices and we wrote shaders directly for WebGL 1.

I couldn’t exactly find the line or script that causes these rendering issues. I just found that the release of 1.54.0 introduced this. Also I’m using .ttf fonts in case that matters. Here is a demo project.

I’m wondering if this change was done on purpose, or if it was an oversight?

Jus to confirm the issue. Is it that fonts in WebGL 1 look blurry on engine 1.54?

Yes, that is the case for me. If I don’t set the render setting “Prefer WebGL 2.0” to true, the texts are blurry

Thanks, created ticket for this: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/issues/4465

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