WebGL warning message


I have a problem that’s not that big but it’s quite annoying…

I’m getting this message in the console:

Could be something wrong with my model?

I’ve already checked my model’s vertices and it doesn’t seem to have anything wrong with them… I even added it in a Unity3D project and I got no errors or warnings over there…

  • This happens in all browsers
  • It’s just a warning and I can run the project but I’m worried that this might cause problems in the programming later on.

================================= UPDATE =================================

I found out that this happens when I add any kind of texture to an especific shader in my project

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I’ve seen this warning too in few of my projects.
It will not cause any problems along the way, it is just informing of some temporarily invalid inputs to WebGL.
We can look into that, to find a fix indeed.

Ok… I’ll keep working here

Thank you