WebGL Invalid operation on safari

WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: texImage2D: type HALF_FLOAT_OES but ArrayBufferView is not NULL
in the console this error occurs on every page only on safari , its working fine on chrome

Hi @AnasRahim,

That’s interesting, not sure why that happens, @mvaligursky do you have any idea?

I’m not sure what the app does exactly, but from the error code it seems that it creates a texture with half float precision as a render target, which is not supported on iOS … and maybe even MacOS, not sure about that one.

On iOS specifically, half precision textures can be only created as textures, so the data needs to be specified … and full float precision textures can be used as render target.

Is this what the app is trying to do?

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entity.model.meshInstances[0].material.diffuseMap = this.Woods[2].resource;
this is how I am trying to set diffuse map of the material, is this causing error on mac.

anything special about that texture?
any chance you could put together a simple repro project for us to look at?