WebGL Inspector and PlayCanvas

I was trying ot use WebGL Inspector to debug WebGL but seems that it doens’t work correctly with PC. Is there any way to turn it on? or maybe you know other good tools for debugging PC app?

Are you talking about WebGL Inspector?

Yes(edited subject), i used to use it a lot with different engines but cannot make it work with PC. Tired also run it on PC demos form main page but no sucess as well(UI is visible but it deosn’t gathers any data)

WebGL Inspector is no longer maintained. I would strongly recommend using Spector.js instead:

If you would like to petition Ben Vanik (author of WebGL Inspector) to start working on it again, maybe try messaging him on Twitter:


OK, but do you have any clue why it’s not work with PC? i use it with i.e PIXI.JS and works as expected. Speaking of Spactor.js, i use it as well but it doesn’t show which textures are in memory :slight_smile:

WebGL Inspector used to be on the Chrome Web Store. That version always had a problem with PlayCanvas, where, with WebGL Inspector active, the PlayCanvas canvas would only render to a small rectangle in the bottom left corner of the tab. But the bug was fixed in the WebGL Inspector GitHub repo despite never being deployed to a Chrome Web Store release. If you synced that repo and loaded the extension from local files, it worked OK. However, I just tried this again, but now, in the latest version of Chrome, I can’t even get WebGL Inspector to work with this simple WebGL page. The CAPTURE/UI buttons simply don’t appear in the top right of the tab’s client area any more. Like I said, it’s not supported any more and seems to get more brittle with time.

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Ok. Maybe do you know any other way how to check which textures are in GPU in similar way how webgl inspector used to do it? i tried find something in google but no success