WebGL Error only on some devices/builds

So I can’t work out when my skinned mesh combiner causes an error in the following circumstances:

  • Play from Editor
  • Run on iPhone


  • Published build on desktop


I’m getting a WebGL error about an out of range vertex index. However when I run analysis on the procedural mesh there are no out of range vertices.

So my questions:

  • Could there be a limitation somewhere I’m not aware of (Seems unlikely as it happens with a single mesh and always less than 65k vertices)?

  • Are there any debugging tools I can use to further investigate this?

  • Any pro tips :slight_smile:

For debugging WebGL problems, I normally use WebGL Inspector. However, the released version has a bug in it that prevents PlayCanvas apps from rendering at the correct canvas dimensions. If you run the head version in GitHub, it’s fixed.