WebGL error on loading any existing or even creating a new scene

Hello there,

On loading a scene I am getting an error (please refer the screenshot below):

WebGL Report:

Please suggest what shall I do?


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We’re also getting this error with all of our projects on all of our machines. Assuming it’s something temporary on Playcanvas’ end which should be sorted out shortly based on the previous times similar issues have occured.

Nothing you can do on your end except ride it out really…

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Not sure if its a playcanvas thing, as it runs fine here.
Tough I am on windows.



Ah, seems like it’s back up already :slight_smile:

Yes! It’s resolved :slight_smile:

I’m getting this on all projects now. What’s the deal, just wait for it to be sorted out?

Hey @uros.rajsic,

This is quite an old topic, could you post the error you are getting and maybe a sample project as well?