WEBGL : Context Lost in iOS 17 (WKWebView)

Hi there !

Since a while I’m having issues with WebGL : Context Lost preventing my project to start in my app, I use WKWebView and latest version of iOS.
I’ve read that this issue was fixed with latest version of Safari but somehow it doesn’t seem fixed on my side despite all updates, is there anything I can do to fix that or bypass it ?


Is this something you can reproduce in the Safari browser, or only the WKWebView? I wonder if that can be different version to Safari app?

What’s your exact Safari version by the way?

Hello and Happy new year :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, I still have the issue, I tested it on the iPad with iOS 17.2 (latest version) and it works fine on Safari, but on WKWebView from 16.x.x to 17.2 bug still appears.
Is there a possibility that the bug was not fixed yet in WKWebView ?


Hello, I’d like to bounce that topic as I haven’t yet found any solution to that issue :S
If anyone has any similar experience I’d love to hear how it got fixed on your side


If you could create a minimal repro project, we could try to reproduce to be able to debug the issue. Otherwise, I don’t think anyone can help.

Perhaps ask on the bug report that marked it solved:

Thanks, sadly I don’t believe I can do that as it’s a very specific bug only happening in our iOS App when using WKWebView, so I’d have to release also the source code of our app, which I’m not allowed to :S

The project works perfectly fine on browser in general

I don’t believe I’d be able to recreate it if I’d do a second project, it might be something I’ll have to try to create a blank project and see if error still happens with it.

Anyway, thanks for the reply, I know it’s not an easy problem ^.^

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