Webcam visualzzata in PlayCanvas

Hello, i would like to know if it’s possible to show a webcam streaming inside a playcanvas project. The webcam it’s a cisco wvc210 (and i don’t know how it works since i just got it by a friend). And i would like to open a window (let’s say 50% of the screen) where to show the webcam streaming. Thanks a lot.

I would have thought so given that we have AR. It be worth checking the source code of Will’s project. Another possible solution is to create a HTML5 object that display’s the webcam (eg:

Yes, but Will’s project use the pc webcam, this one will be remote, so i thought it would be different, anyway i will chech that code and read what you suggest. Thanks @yaustar

Ah, you want remote? It’s doable/ Here’s an example of chat video from scratch:

Or you could try to find a library/service to use such as

If it’s just an IP camera, you can just embed the video on the page.

Yes i think it’s an IP camera, anyway will look at the links above some knowledge is always useful :slight_smile: