WebAR With Custom Marker Image

We are working on an AR output. We want it to be a marker-based AR. The marker image is a custom image (a logo). The logo printed on a brochure or a business card should be recognized as a marker image and the 3D object should get augmented.

We used “Hiro AR Toolkit” for this work. Unfortunately, it works for images with borders only. The logo that we are using doesn’t contain border around it.

SDKs like “Universal AR SDK from Zapworks”, “WEBAR SDK”, “8th Wall”, etc. seem to work fine but these are too costly. Is there any free AR SDK available that is compatible with PlayCanvas and also take any custom image as a marker image? Please advise.

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately not. WebXR AR is only available on Android at the moment.

You can try to find an external open source AR library and integrate with PlayCanvas but your best out of the box solutions that cover both iOS and Android is Zappar and 8th Wall.