WebAR current state of affairs

Hi, I’m doing a technical outlook for a mobile AR game, web based such. What’s the current state of how that’s done technically? Would playcanvas be an option here? Can it be built working cross platform (android + iOS)?

The usecase I’m envisioning would be a user scans a QR code with the phone camera, get’s directed to a website that asks if it can use the camera - tracks that same QR code for 3D localization and then the camera stays tracked while user walks around and area of a rock formation 10x10 meters. Is that a feasible scenario?

Helpful for any tips in the right direction!


Safari doesn’t support WebXR AR yet. So you are either limited to using their AR Quick Look feature or use a library/service that runs their own AR system.

eg 8th Wall, Zappar, Variant Launcher


Oh I see. That’s a bummer. Any rumours or insight if it’s on their road map?

I’d like to avoid the user having to download an app, but I saw there was some service like Variant launcher you mentioned that make use of App clips, a feature I wasn’t aware of either. Seems to lower the threshold for users somewhat.

Unfortunately, no :frowning:

With the services I mentioned, they won’t need to install an app.

You can totally do this. Just use PlayCanvas + 8th Wall:

Or PlayCanvas + Zappar:

Thanks for the links, I’ll look into that. Not very fond of having to rely on a third party host with quite large cost subscription fees. But perhaps that’s a way to start and in a not too distant future - one could port it back to native when support for that is added to Safar/iOS?

if support is added to iOS/Safari

If you use Variant Launcher, then yes that should be relatively straightforward.

8th Wall and Zappar have their own APIs so you would need to rewrite a decent chunk to work with WebXR

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Thanks, I’ll evaluate the options.

As per my thoughs on tracking and maintaining tracking over that type of area - what’s your experience, is that too optimistic? One fallback solution could be to have a separate QR code on each rock in the formation.