Ways to free space

Hi all,

I am putting together a prototype for a gamified application we are developing. The project still in the free quota because we are evaluating if PlayCanvas is the right fit for our needs. But the project is running out of space and I can’t pinpoint the reason, I have only 2 branches and now that I’m testing with some 3D models and textures but nothing too large, looking in the file explorer I would say we have 300mb tops on assets.
Is there a way to check where the storage is being used? Or a way to increase this basic storage so we can procede with the evaluation?


Hi @gbelintani and welcome!

Please note checkpoints and branches are using storage as well.

The best solution is to upgrade your free plan to a personal plan.

If your project has a lot of checkpoints, you could consider to fork the project and remove the original project after forking. Be aware you lose all checkpoints and branches with this workaround, so make sure you have applied all changes to the master branch before removing the original project.

Thanks for the quick reply @Albertos !

Unfortunately I don’t have enough space to do a fork on the project. Is there anyway to bypass this to then delete the previous project?

That’s a good one. I hadn’t thought about this.

If you have access to another free account, you can fork it with that account. After you delete the original project, you can fork it again form that account using your own account. Again, please be aware you lose all checkpoints and branches.

Another solution could be to remove the source files of your assets from the project.