Was pressed control stick help

I am making a game with animations I have it workin with keyboard but I am also trying to get it to work with gamepads.

here is my code

if anyone can help me I’m all ears

William Boersma

Isn’t this the same post?
Post: How to use ‘wasReleased’ with gamepads

Please leave this to moderators @Gabriel_Dobrzynski but I would like to advise @WilliamBoersma31 to better formulate the questions, because right now it looks like the same question. It can help to describe what you are trying to achieve and what problems you encounter.

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@Gabriel_Dobrzynski no it’s not that was for a function this is for me needing help with making animations play when you input movement on a control pad.

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although I just thought of something that make this string unnecessary.

Excellent! Do you want to share it here? It can help other users.

never mind it didn’t work :sob:

does anyone know how to detect weather or not a controller is plugged in or not?