Warnings in the developer console

When I launch my project, this shows up in the console:
However everything works as it should, so I have ignored it for some time, but i thought id post it here, just to put it out there, and maybe someone has a solution, or someone knows what is causing this warning…

Would you be able to share a small sample public project for this. I wonder if it’s something specific with the files you’ve uploaded?

right now its just in the development phase for the physics and ai

Warnings don’t show for publish builds.

Can you share the link to the project please?


The MTL errors are due these files being upload:

Because we don’t support them in the Editor, they are being uploaded as a binary type.

AFAIK, they aren’t being used by the engine and are safe to delete or you can mark them as ‘exclude’ so they aren’t used or packaged at runtime

The other one seems to be related to a cubemap


Thanks! that fixed it :smiley:

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