Wanted to share my progress thus far

Yes, I am breaking the code some. I’m trying to make it workable across the board. For some reason Azure is giving me problems and I am trying to fix it now. I can see it working on your site so it most likely it is Azure specific. I have the sample chat from Socket.IO working locally but it won’t work on Azure. Here’s the code:


And Socket.IO’s link for completeness sake: http://socket.io/get-started/chat/

Here’s a Node.js Azure Chat demo:

I’m reviewing it now. . .

It’s now deployed on Azure and supports multiple players. It doesn’t matter the order when players join, they all will be visible in the scene. The game can be accessed from here: http://xnaspacerace.azurewebsites.net/

Network movement is choppy and laggy at the moment. I’ve taken a first round stab at it but it needs more work.

Hehehe, I see someone. Cool

Here’s a preview of the particle effects for the engine:

And a view of the missile:

Still working out rendering order details so that the particles aren’t appearing through the walls, etc.

R2d2, is it okay if I take the game and adapt it for android?

Please fork the game and make whatever changes you wish. I just added missiles, and blasters (other projectiles fired from the ship) to the latest codebase. The transformations work for the first ship. Tomorrow I’ll adjust it for the second ship, and add keyboard support to fire the missiles. I think SPACE BAR and ENTER does it now.

I fixed the transformations for the engines, blasters, and missiles based on the ship name. Now both ships should work correctly.

The online demo now demonstrates the particle engine for the ships, and missiles, plus a little more life-like feel of the ship (but does need tuning). Additionally, the newest feature are the explosions, and improvement of network players (something else that needs work). You can view the demo here: http://xnaspacerace.rvbgames.com/


Wooow I’m really impressed by your great work!

I think it doesn’t get the attention it deserves here in the forum, maybe it can be featured like the games hosted on playcanvas @dave @will ?

I’ve also got an improvement to suggest:
Right now pressing ‘W’ starts the search in Firefox. It would be nice if you’d prevent that:

initialize: function(){
    context.keyboard.on(pc.input.EVENT_KEYDOWN, this.onKeyDown, this);

onKeyDown: function(keyEvent){

Is the code I use to do so :wink:

Thank you Detzt for both the compliments and keyboard handling suggestions. I’ll give it a try.

I have a similar question posted in Answers that seems to take a different approach:

Ideally I’d like the application to have keyboard focus, not too mention the correct gamepad state, when it starts. At the same time I’d like to try and maintain normal behavior within the browser unless it impairs the games functionality in some manner. Does the use of preventDefault() have unexpected consequences?

It appears to me that every key-down event is being discarded if the application doesn’t handle it. Is that correct?

Hi @Detzt - we’ll definitely feature the game when @r2d2 let’s us know it’s ready. :smiley:

Yeah thats correct, but you can limit the discarded keys with this line:

if (event.key === pc.input.KEY_W)

Can you post the link for us to fork the game? I looked under r2d2P… but couldn’t find it. I could be blind :smiley:

I’ve been looking through my old repositories on GitHub and found this game. I will try the links.
Here are a couple of links I found on other sites:



The websites are Japanese/Chinese. I wonder if the game has been translated?