Wanted 'Player authentication' snippets

Hi everyone,

I’m using PlayFab as backend and do authentification via name ans password.
But PlayFab provide a hall bunch of authentication, and I like to use some of them:

  • android.id ( I’ll get this to work)
  • Facebook ( got just banned for looking like a cucumber and not a human :slight_smile: but
    after reading this and I’m allowed again, this will work to)
  • Microsoft hello (Microsoft azure and playFab should work together quite well)
  • Google Acount ( my favorite, simply now idea how to do this)

found a lot tutorials for unity and a view for unreal on how to this and some HTML5
Last time I did something with HTML was in the 90th when working with VRML :slight_smile: Even didn’t know to start with this

any code snippets or examples for any solution above on how to get an Tokken or ID or how to implement them in PlayCanvas will help me a lot…

Do those services have a JS SDK/library to use?

yes there are sdk’s … but not for download … they’ve a html tag like ‘<‘src’>’ https//… ‘<‘src’>’ to use in HTML - document - but I don’t know - where I should put this in playCanvas

You can do that in external scripts in the project settings inspector.

Please see: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/designer/settings/#external-scripts

And Use of 3rd Party Javascript modules?

thanks again :heart_eyes:
I’ll try that