Wanted: 3d model designer - 50/50 partnership


I am a mobile app developer and 3d designer with 10 years of experience. I am looking for a single 3d designer to partner with.

I’m working on a simple game in my spare time and can offer up to 50% of the revenue once the game is released. I also know Maya very well and can use Zbrush + Substance to a fairly decent level … i’m a bit slow but can make just about anything at mid level quality. And I have already built a very nice looking user interface. All I need to do now is to slot in the 3d content and a few fbx animations and it will be 90% complete.

What I am looking for is a single 3d modeler to partner with to make quite a simple game which I believe will be able to pull in advertising revenue of between $10 and $100 000 a year. There are no other games like the one I am making and this is a really good thing !
I would build the user interface and deal with the monetisation on Andriod/iOS/Windows and build an online website as well as do all the web marketing to promote the game. The last app that I built for a company made £700 000 … I would quite like to do that for myself this time and I am sure I can do it.

What I need is between 15 and 60 3d models for this game and while I am more than able to do all this work by myself it would take much longer to do it on my own and probably not at the highest level that I know it could be.
So I think it’s worthwhile to put the feelers out on the off chance that there is a like minded individual who would like to collaborate with me on this.

I have a basic 2d design of the app that I could share and a good idea of what models I would like to use but am more than happy to have full 50/50 collaboration and input from a 3d modeler if they have alternative ideas. I am very open minded and want this to be a real 50/50 partner collaboration.

I need someone who has built at least one 3d model at this sort of level of detail -
And can provide some sort of an online portfolio. I don’t care if you have professional experience. I just want someone that knows how to do 3d modelling and ideally also knows how to do texturing, but I am quite happy to texture/animate models if needed though.

There is no rush, I plan to work on this a few hours a day for the next 12 months or so. If you have a few hours free each week to make 3d models then get in touch and I will explain more.