Want to use PlayCanvas for personal 3D web page creation

Hi all,
I have an idea of creating my personal 3D web page (I am running small business in IT area). I already created some scene in 3D max. Imagine it like a room with some stuff around. What I want to do now is to activate some things in that room when user points with a mouse pointer on it. Also, if visitor clicks on that thing I what to get some feedback (event or callback), so that I could implement an action and update the scene.

Unfortunately I have little experience in graphics development. But I was able to use existing examples in order to reuse character movement and some shader scripts very easily.

Maybe you could point me to some examples already implemented or provide API names which I should use in order to achieve my goal?

Perhaps you could learn from this decorating app, it sounds slightly similar to what you are after: Aapkapainter