Want to host my games on one large hub site I own

I know there is a tutorial section in web build then to server. But I’m a complete noon.

The reason I want to know more is because I plan to make a ton of games. Seeing as the limit on the pro status of play canvas is at 10gigs I know I will surpass this probably within a year.

So my goal is simple. I’m going to host my games on their own sites and have a main hub site where people can play them.

I saw this youtube video on hosting sites. How to put your website online - how to FTP to a domain & upload files to a webhost - YouTube

They used host gator for server and domain names and cyber duck to upload to server.

What is your advice? Anyone.

My thoughts were relatively simple actually. Just host the main site using host gator and cyber duck as suggested in the videos. Then attach links to the sites using iframe. But once the games become to large I’ll need to independently host them else where. Just curious to other options.

Usually, if you expect a lot of traffic from all around the world, then you want to use CDN to server game files.
If you have centralized server, make sure it is lightweight and can handle a lot of traffic as well, and more importantly it is fast to load from all around the world (probably need to be load balanced too).

There are many options, I prefer using AWS services, for you it would be:
Route53 - for DNS and geo load balancing.
S3 - for game files storage.
CloudFront - for distributed access to files (CDN).
You can user EC2 as dedicated server as well, but all this probably can be done using static files from S3.

Any hosting and bandwidth - costs money, so you should calculate how much you are paying per amount of users and how much you will be potentially making from same number of users.

First of all, the amazing feedback I get on your forums is … amazing.

Secondly I found a tutorial, that was helpful to me, but was curious if you could give me more insight.

I’m literally completely noob to all this.

Also I don’t mind spending some money. How much is AWS costs? They seem to have a lot of features for free, but was curious when they start to charge, and how so.