VR with movement(walking)

As mentioned in this page, we have 3 type of VR. I have created a demo ‘seated’ VR where camera is stationary and only orientation is used.
I need to know that is it possible to actually walk in VR (‘Room Scale VR’ in playcanvas). So when I move wearing headset (Gear VR in my case) I actually walk in virtual world.

Any example or pointer is much appreciated.


Most VR experiences/games that involve navigating a 3D space use teleportation https://www.vrheads.com/these-vr-games-do-teleportation-right-way

PlayCanvas’ WebVR Lab sample project has a teleportation implementation if you want to take a look: https://playcanvas.com/project/446331/overview/webvr-lab

Ultimately, it raycasts from the controller to a point in space where it is pointed at and checks for intersections with walkable areas.

The GearVR headset has no positional tracking is it is incredibly difficult to do. The approach would be to try and use the accelerometer to determine which direction the phone is being moved in which is very tricky to get right.

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I will try teleportation method, Thank you for quick reply :smiley: