VR Starter Kit not working on Nexus 6

Is there something more I can do to troubleshoot?

I created a new project using the “VR Starter Kit”, then published and previewed on the Nexus 6 (Android version 6.0.1).

This works on the Galaxy S5 (Android version 6.0.1, Model number SM-G900H) with no problems.

If you run the “launch” page (when you play from the Editor) on the Nexus 6 then you will get the un-concatenated source files which will be easier to debug.

Looks like we’re not printing the error message from vr_camera.js, you could try changing this line:

        if (err) {
            console.warn("Failed to initialize HMD");

to print out err as well. Though I’m not sure it will tell us much.

On a side note, I got what I needed in terms of my AR project by deleting the input_hmd and vr_camera references, and just handling device orientation events myself.