VR Sensitivity issue on mobile

Im having a trouble with VR sensivity on mobile devices, the sensivity is very high, i have also tried a public playcanvas games: https://playcanv.as/p/sAsiDvtC/ or https://playcanv.as/p/zi09Xvld/ that have the same issue

Tested devices: Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Samsung galaxy s7 edge
With browsers: Telegram built-in, Firefox, Chrome and brand browser.

Is there a solution?
Ps: i know there is already topics with the same issue but without solution, so im writing it again.


check this Project… https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/603270 see the look and hammer.min codes… i hope Will usefull

Hi Steerlock,

Check out the WebVR polyfill part of this post…

This keeps coming up for a long time, but there hasn’t been a solution from PlayCanvas yet ( or even an official response AFAIK ) - very frustrating!

@Luis_Mb I have tried to import hammer.min.js in my project, but nothing changes.
@Mal_Duffin I have read about polyfill but i dont know how to implement it in my project.

Anyway, i shouldn’t solve the problem by myself, but @playcanvas developers should solve it.
It is a problem that has existed for months, playcanvas developers should hurry up.

Can any playcanvas developers respond? Or i have to change engine?


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Mmm. The Project Works fine in mi Redmi S2 mobile

What project are you talking about?
and what browser are you trying?

Thanks for your replies.

the Project sugest for me above… the vr starter kit from playcanvas shake in mi mobile, i published it in the fórum but not solution

I have tried your one again, and it works but only in display mode, if i enable the vr by:

// enter vr
this.cam.camera.enterVr(function (err) {
   if (err) {console.error(err);} 

Nothing changes, the issue persists.

[quote=“Steerlock, post:8, topic:9805”]
and it works but only in display mode,
one solution may be to implement the vr mode in a different way, creating its own button that generates event to change the camera (which is now used in display mode) to a couple of cameras that are daughters of the ‘display’ camera so they can use their gyroscope correctly and renderisar what each eye sees … Check the documents of 8thwall, have a trabajomuy interesting about 6dof that can serve you. regards

Even i’m facing the same issue, i don’t know whether it’s a gyro problem or webvr! @yaustar it would be great if you can shed some meaning response to this issue.

I solved this problem: [SOLVED] VR debug errors and hyper sensitive