VR raycastAll no rotation

I’m trying to do a raycastAll in VR so I can move a reticle attached to the main camera towards or away from the screen so it appears just in front of what ever the play is looking at. So far I have found that if I turn my head the forward vector is not changing to the new direction.
eg if im initially looking at say 30degrees in world space then turn 90 degrees the raycast is still pointing at 30degrees. I started using a script that creates a line of sorts using the start and end point of the raycast to see what is happening. I have tried a bunch of things but nothing seems to make a difference. When I used the .forward code below there seems to be no change (I have commented it out to show how I tried to use it).
I guess it’s something to do with my start and end points but I am now just running around in circles. Anyone with suggestions?

The below script is attached to the camera entity which is the child of a cameraOffset entity if thats relevant.

ps. I understand about using ‘new’ in the update function which I will change if I figure my main problem out.
A code snippet of what I’m doing below:

XrCameraRayCaster.prototype.update = function(dt) {
    this.vStart = this.entity.getPosition();

        this.vEnd = new pc.Vec3(this.vStart.x, this.vStart.y, this.vStart.z-20);
        // this.vEnd = new pc.Vec3(this.entity.forward);
        // this.vEnd.scale(30);
        this.app.root.children[0].script.placeLine.MoveLine(new pc.Vec3(this.vStart.x, this.vStart.y - 0.1, this.vStart.z), this.vEnd);

        this.raycastResults = this.app.systems.rigidbody.raycastAll(this.vStart, this.vEnd);