VR mode, is it possible to use without VR glasses?

Hello all,

Wanted to ask is it possible to use VR mode based on playcanvas without VR glasses!?

Thanks for attention.

Can you explain a bit more of what you mean? VR mode with VR glasses isn’t really VR any more.

Are you thinking of ‘magic window’ or augmented reality?

i honestly thinks he means can you play vr without a headset… and if you are then you can’t

Hi, yes, is it possible to use VR setted up scene in playcanvas without headset!?

Sorry, I really don’t t understand what you mean.

A ‘VR’ scene is just a normal 3D scene so yes, it’s ‘possible’.

I’m being very vague with the definitions here as it’s not clear on your use case.

If you want to test whether a VR scene works and if you don’t have a headset, I guess you could try to run it on a supported mobile device.

Oh, if you need to test a VR project with interaction from controls and headset, look at WebXR emulator https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/webxr-api-emulator/mjddjgeghkdijejnciaefnkjmkafnnje?hl=en

Ok, I will try to ask in another direction, is it possible to upload cube map, and view it as in VR project. I mean when I’m running the ready scene with uploaded cube map, it will move depending on how I’m moving my smartphone!?

Hi @Ivan_Stratiichuk, you can read the device orientation and device accelerometer values, that is how your phone moves. And bind those values to the camera position/rotation, it’s quite doable. It isn’t related to VR but you will get what you ask.

Interesting approach for VR. In theory it should work as Leonidas pointed out.
But I assume that the result will become inaccurate quite fast, as you don’t have any spacial reference points like real vr glasses like Quest (which use surface / object detection to minimize the error).
But it would be interesting to see such an implementation.

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@Rechi We used to have this with the older WebVR API and was known as ‘magic window’ and was effectively 3DoF.

WebXR has an AR mode that could do something similar but with 6DoF using SLAM.

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If this 3dof version could be enough, my recent project could be of help:

The “old version” but still the best you’ve got if you want to target iOs.

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I understood this sample, now I need to figure out how to name ball and garden to make it to work on playcanvas, also how to set up the scene for this!?

Do I need to add this js code to a camera, or not!?

Also, usually, all playcanvas js codes starts from similar things, what do I need to write in this case, I mean what do I need to write to create it correctly!?