VR Camera Issue

I have run into a problem utilising the VR camera setup, from the starter kit, on mobile. The screen only displays the camera clear color. The UI is visible and indeed entering VR mode works. Upon leaving VR mode the canvas displays the scene without gyroscope support. Using this same setup back in April caused no issues.

In the Android console I have the following errors:

  • No DPDB device match.
  • Failed to recalculate device parameters.
  • DOMException: API can only be initiated by a user gesture.

After entering VR mode the following is reported in the console:

  • Invalid timestamps detected. Time step between successive gyroscope sensor samples is very small or not monotonic

This was tested on 2 Android mobiles:

  • Google Pixel XL using Chrome for Android - version: 58.0.3029.83
  • HTC 10 using Chrome for Android - version: 58.0.3029.83

Here is the project (created fresh today from the Starter Kit):




Does the scene that worked in April still works?
There were recent releases of WebVR APIs to the browsers, which created some inconsistencies across the browsers and what mobile devices considered as supporting and which not. If the demo from April not working anymore, means you are affected by browser updates, as we do not and cannot update already published builds, so it is exactly same as from April.

Thank you for the reply.

No the older scene does not work. I tried the same build on Firefox on both handsets with similar results (Firefox crashed on multiple occasions). I keep running into the issue of WebGL crashing in Chrome - getting the ‘Rats! WebGL hit a snag’ pop-up.

Considering this seems to be a problem with current / new builds any idea when this could be addressed (if it is a Playcanvas issue)?

Is it in anyway related to this: