VR Black screen after loading Samsung S6 (SM-G925I)

Hello, we have a project on VR for mobile and on Samsung S6 devices we have this problem.

“Failed to recalculate device parameters.”

After the loader, the screen is black.

In the Webvr-polyfill.js script generated to download we found SM-G925F but our device is SM-G925I

“Type”: “android”,
“Rules”: [
{“Mdmh”: “samsung / * / SM-G925F / *”},
{“Water”: “SM-G925F”}
“Dpi”: 580.6,
“Bw”: 3,
“Ac”: 500

You can help us with some idea to solve.

Thanks !!!

Looks like a problem with the webpolyfill (similar to this github issue with A-Frame) https://github.com/aframevr/aframe/issues/1606

As we get the dpdb from Google, I don’t think there is much we can do about it unfortunately. Your best bet is to either submit a bug in the github project for webvr-polyfill and/or make a pull request that adds your device to the list.

The “Failed to recalculate device parameters” error is indeed because the polyfill can’t find the exact device. But, this error is non-fatal and shouldn’t prevent anything else from working. You only see it on screen when running in the launch page, when published it will only be visible in the console.

Your screenshots suggest another problem. For example that WebGL is not supported on the device, but weird that it would work there but not in playcanvas.

The error message you see on screen is from start.js when the application fails to create a graphics device.

In device.js

        if (! window.WebGLRenderingContext)
            throw new pc.UnsupportedBrowserError();

I suggest setting a breakpoint on all exceptions in Chrome to see if you can figure out why the application is throwing that exception.