Visual artifact banding on texture

Hello again! I have problem with imported .exr textures (lightmaps) that there is a swirly compression banding when in distance/oblique angle. Setting the anisotropy at 3-4 fixes partly the problem, but there are some “outlines” on the corners of the objects that are visual. You can see the banding under the window.

Why is this happening and how I should proceed in this case?
Thanks in advance.
Link: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Nice that you’ve figured out the colour appearance right.
Regarding leaking in corners, there should be settings regarding Padding in your lightmapper.

But in some cases, this is just a shadow from walls. And the way to solve it, either make floor not to go under wall, and/or make floor and wall as continuous unwrapped geometry in UV’s.

Thanks for the tips. But yet, those swirling banding artifacts are too strong to kind of hide them with a noisy texture.
I am curious why is there such banding (looks almost like a bad gradient when made in 8bit depth but swirly) and how to fix them?

Here is a better screenshot, you can see them banding on the ceiling:

Edit: I noticed now the there is some outlines on the edges too. You can see then on the table and the chair (ignore the big black splotches on the table legs) Screenshot:

Regarding black edges on table and chair - this is definitely padding settings in lightmaper.

Do you mean padding in UV space or the “render to texture” (3ds max)? I tried with different padding with no result. The outlines are coming when I am on distance from the table, if I am close the outlines and the swirling banding disappear. Also can we address the swirly banding problem? Are you seeing it on your setup? Or its just from my side?

Btw new link:

Padding when rendering lightmap.
Regarding things appearing on distance/angle - this is due to mipmaps being generated for texture. But the way they are generated currently is directly from RGBM PNG, which leads to slight issues of channels getting out of “sync” as in RGBM they are related. So we’ve created a ticket to address that issue:

Here is screen from 3D’s Max from our artist regarding Padding:

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Nice, thanks for your time addressing the mipmaps problem. Is there any eta on this? Or this will be low priority?

Making Anisotropy Filtering higher (8) - hides most of an issue right now.
There is no ETA right now, as there is a lot work going happening towards WebGL 2.0. So shortly after we will start addressing those problems.

We generally don’t make ETAs :slight_smile: I personally hate to promise :smiley:

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Just to update on the topic.

We have added and deployed new feature that allows you to disable mipmaps on texture assets.
This also affects compression, enabling saving of up to 30% on download and VRAM sizes.

Here is example where on extreme angles AO and Lightmap was using low mips, which lead to leaking in texture.

Left - with mips.
Right - without mips.

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