Virus when download

PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine is the link
but i when i go to download it so i can just open it through my laptop it says it cant because there is a virus detected how do i fix that and why is there viruses?

Also i am using a Buffalo Public School issued coomputer


I don’t think it will be a virus and is probably caused by stricter measures taken by the school.

What are you trying to download and why?

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So i have a fp platformer project you know and i was downloading it so i can go to it right through my vscode and it says it has detected a virus

@STEVEN_LINDNER Quick question… Is VSCode reporting this or are you seeing the standard warning in VSCode asking you if this is a Trusted source like below?

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i have a thing were i download it i can use the live sever but when i download it says i can not

also do you know how to link to vscode

@STEVEN_LINDNER I think maybe someone has answered this question here.

Also, I am not sure about liveServer. I have used it extensively before. You should be able to open your index.html in the editor and run live server to launch your download. From which area have you downloaded your code? From here?

This is how mine looks when downloaded. All I do is make sure that the index.html file is open in the editor and then hit go live!

Can you send a screen shot of the error so everyone can have a look?

i use .zip

i dont think i can scrrenshot

But i get a error when linking
it says i get a 401 error

@STEVEN_LINDNER Hi … Did you get your API key and enter your credentials as the instructions from the previous post indicated. The error you are getting is