VIP area glitches out the hole game
I have been working on my game but everytime i was into the vip area ith hole game starts glitch in can someone help please.

Hi @Mr.Gamer_Afton,

It doesn’t glitch for me, from a quick try, but in any case make sure to study this manual section on performance. You will get some good tips and tricks on how to best structure your game to get good performance:

thanks but did you go up to the vip area thats when it happens

Yeah, your game is ~3000 draw calls, that’s super unoptimized. It won’t play well even on powerful devices.

Try reading that manual page on how to reduce your draw calls.

Ok will do i will contact you if i am lost again

I looked at the manual page and went to my game but cant find whats taking up all the draw cells please help

You have too many entities with model/render components. Each is a unique draw call.

Consider using batching to group them and reduce that, study this page in the Performance section:

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Ok but this is what i mean

I tested this behavior out and found that it will also occur if you click the scrollbar of the chat twice or leave the window and come back. Moving the mouse will appear to begin rotating the world until moving with the keyboard movements. It also occurs when entering the VIP area, but it appears that the change in angle is permanent when you enter the VIP area. I would check out whatever scripts you are using with the mouse and follow them back. IT should start to give you some ideas about what’s affecting the camera.

I hope this helpful!


Thanks for a started of where to look. I will look at it