View scene editor while testing

Something like this would make bug fixing and testing a lot easier. Just allow people to have the test window run next to the scene window and live update everything going on in the test to the scene editor. Unity does this and it helps when an object in the scene is suddenly not in view in the test, simply click it in the editor and it finds it.


I know about the launch, that was covered in the basic tutorial, I’m talking about using launch and seeing what is happening in the launch window on the scene editor. So as you’re playing the game in debug with launch, you can watch the models and entities interact in the scene view. I’ve had an issue where if I set a certain value one way, the entity completely disappears. If I were able to have access to the scene view while debugging, I could just click on the entity in the hierarchy and find where it is while the game is running.

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You cannot see the game running inside the Editor only inside the Launch page (the page that opens when you hit Launch).

Which is why I put this under suggestions and feedback. Unity has this function and it is incredibly useful for debugging. For example, one of my last projects had a script that spawned an entity in the players hand for a brief moment. For some reason, it seemed to stop spawning altogether but when I checked the hierarchy I could see the entity being instantiated somewhere in the scene. After using the editor to investigate where the entity was spawning I was able to fix the code so the entity would spawn where I wanted it to.
I only brought this up because I am experiencing an issue (which I can work around) where my entities disappear on the launch page when I try to set their local rotation a certain way.

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Thanks for the suggestion - we have thought of this in the past too but it’s not something that will happen any time soon I believe.

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This would likely be incredibly complex and involve a lot of network scripting but if perhaps a documented plugin system were made available for the editor, the community could script something like it :grin:.