View and chat with other players

Hey Playcanvas community! Brand new here. Nice to meet you all!
I’m trying to create a multiplayer non-game environment a la There are no game mechanics beyond chatting and walking around, but if you’re visiting the website at the same time as another person, they appear as an avatar and you can chat with them.
How difficult is this to accomplish with Playcanvas? Is there a no- or low-code template I can work off?

Hey, so basically that’s the multiplayer integration. It’s not that difficult to achieve in Playcanvas. You will just have to make sure the things work without any lag.

For the multiplayer integration, you can start from socket io tutorial(Real Time Multiplayer | Learn PlayCanvas)

You may also want to look at off the shelf multiplayer solutions such as Photon (DevilZ has a thread and template project for it) and Colesyus (we have a tutorial provided by them on how to use it with PlayCanvas Real-time Multiplayer with Colyseus | Learn PlayCanvas)

Well I have almost no coding experience so “off the shelf” is music to my ears. Thanks for the pointers!