Video streaming

Is it possible to stream a video without completely downloading it first? I just want to avoid large loading times. It should preload the first frames and play the video immediately like on youtube. If using Video Textures it seems always to download the full video before playing it.

Hi @Alexfedel1 and welcome,

I haven’t tested it with a big video file, but the way the Video Texture example it will start grabbing textures as soon as the video starts playing. It uses a regular HTML video element that supports that behavior.

From what I know the browser will do that automatically as soon as part of the video file has been downloaded, no need to wait for the full video file to get downloaded.

This is a good read on how the HTML video element works:

Thank you.
It seems to depend on the video file. I tested a video which did not preload and only started playing when it was completely downloaded. With other video files it is working.

Interesting! Curious if they have a different file type or video encoding.

I had an example that might be of use. It plays a local audio file and a remote video.

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