Video Playback and AR tracking

Hello I am using a Video playing script like the one in the tutorial : Video Textures | Learn PlayCanvas

It works perfectly, but in my project I am testing the 8thWall AR tracking, that is also working fine, but when the AR is active, the plane with the video only shows a black image, not the video like when the tracking is inactive…

Any ideas of what could be happening ??

Thanks a lot !..

I wouldn’t have thought it be affected as it’s basically a video DOM.

Can you add the video DOM object to the page and see if that is running when 8th Wall is tracking?

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Thanks I will try it as soon as I can… and answer how it went…

I put an image element with the video texture I am using, inside a 2D screen, and is the same… when the 8th wall’s namedimagetarget script is active, the video doesn´t work. I will keep checking, but is very strange, don´t know how it can be affecting the Video’s script.

Add the video DOM object to the page. This will help isolate where the problem is (PlayCanvas or elsewhere)

Thanks, I will have to wait for my associate, he is the one with the HTML/java knowledge, I am the one in the 3D realm… As soon as he can do it, I will write what happened…

I couldn´t find how to add the video DOM object to the page. I downloaded the project and published inside my website but it didn´t work…

I created a new project from scratch with only a video plane and the tracking at:

with this image as a tracking picture:

I found that the video script loads the first image from the video file, but doesn´t refresh for the next ones…

I’ve added the DOM video to page so that you can see it in this forked project:

If you do the same to your current project, you can see if 8th Wall is causing the video to stop etc.

I would also ask on the 8th Wall forums to check if there is anything they do that stops the video data from being uploaded/played.

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Thank you !!.. and one more thing… I discovered that turning the phone from portrait to landscape, made the video to start working correctly… I also checked the refresh from the video script using a console.log and it was working but not refreshing (until I turned the phone)…

Hi Yaustar, I have checked and forked this test, and I can not find the way you incoporated the DOM video to page, we are quite new to Playcanvas, can you please explain or give me a hint on how to do the same. Thank you and apologies if the question is too nooby. :slight_smile:

Check lines 36 to 44 of this file:

It’s just a DOM with CSS styling

Unless you wanted to know more about the video to the texture/model part?

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This is exactly what I meant. Thank you!!