Video Auto Playing - No Sound

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I have this scene which autoplays a video, but from what I understand, it is against Chrome’s regulations to autoplay sound: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

I have started a new scene with a play button in order to get sound, tweaking the video texture js, but can’t seem to get the video to play at all:

I’ve tried to follow this: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine and searched the forums.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.


There are several issues with the scene and code:

  • The video DOM wasn’t added to the document so it never plays
  • The videoTextureBtn doesn’t fire the ‘tv:play’ event so the uiElement script never sets the video texture on the UI elememt
  • The UI was set to group type so it doesn’t render anything. It needs to be set to the image type
  • I don’t think can be called without user input. It needs autoplay to be set to true

I fixed up the scene in this project here:

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Hi @yaustar!

Thank you SO much! I’ve recreated the scene here:

It’s strange because, although it’s working, the videotextureBtn script attached to the Root doesn’t contain the added TV Screen material attribute which I thought it needed? Your scene has it, but your script doesn’t… I take it this is not needed?

Screenshot from your scene ID 1151251:
Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 09.47.13
Screenshot from my new scene ID 1151439:
Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 09.47.30

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The uiElement.js applies the video texture to the UI element so it doesn’t need the material.

I forgot to parse the videoBtn so it’s still has the old attributes in the editor.

Brilliant! Thank you!