Vertex Snapping

There is a feature in Unity as a “Vertex Snapping” with shortcut “V”. It makes it so easy to move objects around. In short, it allows to take any vertex from a given mesh and place that vertex in the same position as any vertex in any other mesh.
Is there such a shortcut in Playcanvas? If not, how would you suggest I do the exact object alignment through the editor?

Vertex Snapping in Unity: Unity - Manual: Position GameObjects

Hi @mehmedcan,

That would be indeed useful to have in PlayCanvas! Right now there is only grid snapping.

There is some discussion going on this editor repo issue, you can add your thoughts on it:


Any news on this? I’m working on a modular level construction and the grid snapping is ‘okay’ but vertex snapping would solve all my troubles.

Unfortunately we don’t have anything like this on the roadmap