Version control, unable to delete branches

I often find myself in this cyclical dependancy issue. I try to delete the dependant branch, but it has a depandancy on a checkpoint in the other one.
How would I go around to just force delete these closed branches.

i suggest u add the editor tag

Unfortunately, you can only delete branches if they haven’t been merged in elsewhere or if they don’t have any branches created from them. This is because the version control uses a graph for the checkpoints and branches and relies on it for integrity, merges and diffs.

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So lets say I have master branch. I branch out to Branch B from master. I do work there and i want to merge back to master. Then delete Branch B. I cannot do this? Cause I will keep going out of space then right?

Deletion of branches are only supported if the following conditions are met:

  • The branch has not been merged into another branch
  • No branches have been created from this branch

Thats correct, you cannot do this. For the moment we are just increasing quotas when paid users and ORGs run out of space.

The other workaround is to fork the project which will just take a copy of the master branch and then you delete the original project. This will effectively ‘prune’ the version control graph.

Neither are great solutions unfortunately.

Hi, Any update on this?

No change and there are currently no plans on the roadmap to allow deletion of branches that aren’t orphaned unfortunately.

If you need more storage, please contact the PlayCanvas team and we can increase disk allowance.