Map Editor

Hey guys,

We released a new editor where you can design maps for game.
It uses cool features of PlayCanvas like layers, json structure, GLB loader and more!

If you like to design maps with preset assets, try the editor :

The creations are listed in game, players can select and play any map that is created by community members.

Visit this area to see other creations :

This editor and game itself made with PlayCanvas Engine.

Have fun!


Very impressive! I love the idea of making the tools themselves with PlayCanvas, this makes me want to take a shot at it myself.

Fantastic work!

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Great work! How did you add the colored arrows for the object position and rotation controls? Also, are the undo/redo functions handled by PlayCanvas? Or are you storing and replaying a history of the user’s actions yourself?

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I wrote scripts for them. They are 3D models in the world, like simple cones and cylinders. I’m storing everything in a javascript variable, like undo and redo actions. And then yeah, I’m just re-applying the changes to the world when needed.


Great utility! I liked it so much that I built 7 maps with it. How long does it take to complete the publishing process?

Venge is probably the most amazing game I’ve seen made with playcanvas, if not probably mini Royale 2, I’m trying to make a game like them