UV1 not working with render component

I’ve a model which has both UV0 & UV1 channel exported from Maya. When I use that model with Model Component and use lightmapped, it is working properly. But when I use with Render Component and tick lightmapped, then it says UV1 is missing.

Project link (Model Component): https://playcanvas.com/project/835847/overview/test
Project link (Render Component): https://playcanvas.com/project/835850/overview/test2

Is it problem with the Render component or with my model?

@mvaligursky Any ideas here?

We have some issues here, and a temporary workaround is to scale Lightmap Size Multiplier as shown in the image:

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HI @mvaligursky , Thanks for the reply.
Any idea why the texture is like that on the pillow on the sofa and on the entire model after lightmapping.

Hi @yaswanth,

It looks like it’s because the lightmap is so small (only 32x32) Raising the multiplier should give you better results.


Hi @eproasim, Thanks for the reply, It is working fine now.

There will be a fix for this in the next engine release, likely next week


Thanks for your support. We’ll update our project.

yep, the fix was released few days ago, so all should work now.